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´╗┐Here to deliver a message of light that pierces through the darkness and leave a trail accompanied by hope, faith, love and all the things from above.

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We believe there is more to numbers than we have discovered and a lot more is yet to be discovered. Join us in this journey of knowledge-seeking, and please feel free to lend a hand as we unite and uncover some of the mysteries surrounding the Universe. The numbers on our watches, phones, number plates, bank accounts, and many other places have meaning; behind all that confusion, there is absolute clarity. We have deciphered a lot of these numbers and have found that all of them have nuggets of wisdom that can guide and direct you on your life path but more importantly, keep you inspired and always looking forward to experiencing more of this gift we call life and not only get by but thrive.

the universe says  by thabiso makekele
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Motivational message for the day, enabling you to start your day with clarity and optimism and move in confidence knowing that all is well and in you, paradise shall dwell.

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